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For investors / Business strategy


General Strategy

         The main strategic goal of ZAO Trans Nafta is to increase the long-term value of the Company. Though the Company has developed short-term plans, we are also planning to make large long-term investments. The goal of such investments is to create conditions for stable growth and profitability in the future.
Key strategy principles
  • The sale and purchasing of gas from other producers as well as gas from our own gas-condensate fields in the domestic market
  • Investments in the exploration and commercial development of gas and gas-condensate resources of the Company. Maximizing production volumes
  • Participation in auctions for the right to use resources for geological research, exploration and production of hydrocarbon materials
  • Maximizing the profitability of the Company through high level of corporate management
Gas Trading
         The Companys strategy in gas trading is to continue supplying natural gas to its Russian clients, to increase the volumes of supply, which will result in further increase of trading profitability. The cooperation and business relationship of the Company with OAO Gazprom enables access to gas-distribution system. The partnership with regional gas-distribution companies of OAO Gazprom and other participants in the gas market, as well as a balanced price policy of the Company contribute to development of the trading activities.
Geological Research and Development of Gas-Condensate Fields
         In compliance with the business goal of establishing a vertically integrated gas company, ZAO Trans Nafta is developing gas and gas-condensate production. ZAO Trans Nafta and its branches have several licenses for production and development of gas fields in the Volgograd region and the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region, as well as licenses for exploring gas fields in the Volgograd region.
         The Companys main licenses are for the Lobodinskoye, Dobrinskoye and Tsentralnoye fields, located in the western part of the Precaspian oil and gas basin. Those fields are situated 100-150 km to the north from the regional center Volgograd, in an industrialized area with a good transport infrastructure and businesses in oil and gas processing. The Ozernoye gas field is located in the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region 105 km to the north of Ugorsk.
         The strategically convenient location of the major fields in a developed oil and gas region with high concentration of end customers complies with ZAO Trans Nafta strategy to establish an integrated gas company with strong positions in gas and condensate production.
         In keeping with its future goals, the Company is considering participating in auctions to obtain licenses for developing gas and gas-condensate fields in various regions of Russia. In addition to the south of Russia (for example, the Volgograd region) where many end customers of the Company are located, the main zones of the Companys interest are the Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenetskiy autonomous regions with considerable gas reserves. The Company is planning to buy additional reserves of oil and condensate to replace in the future gas from independent producers by hydrocarbon produced by the Companys branches. In the long -term perspective ZAO Trans Nafta is planning to produce more gas of its own instead of buying it from other producers.




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