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About us / Company History

         ZAO Trans Nafta was established in 1997 by experienced professionals, which later became the top managers of the Company. During its first five years ZAO Trans Nafta was an operator of OAO Gazprom for the exporting of oil and stabilized gas condensate. As a special exporter the Company was also supplying oil within the federal programs in compliance with the Resolutions and Decrees of the Russian Government. Serving as a National exporter, the Company participated in the UNs program Oil in exchange for food in Iraq. At the same time the Company established partnerships with a number of foreign companies, including Shell (the Netherlands), Shevron (USA), BP (Great Britain), Koch (USA), NIS (Serbia), INA (Croatia), which today remain the partners of the Company.
         Since 2001 ZAO Trans Nafta has been developing a business new direction gas marketing, which is based on a mutually beneficial partnership with OAO Gazprom. The partnership transports natural gas purchased from independent producers (TNK-BP, Novatek, Nortgas, Rosneft, Sibur etc.) and then delivers it to end customers in the domestic market. This is one of the priority activities of the Company. Nowadays ZAO Trans Nafta supplies natural gas to over 1,000 clients. Due to its strong business partnership with OAO Gazprom (including its branches) and its impeccable reputation, the Company secured the right to export natural gas, in particular, to Belarus where 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas was supplied in fall-winter 2004-2005. Azerbaijan also received over 100 billions of cubic meters of gas.
         From the beginning ZAO Trans Nafta positioned itself as an oil and gas producing company, being the major shareholder (founder) and investor of such resources as Sibinvestnafta (Mlechny licensed area in the Nizhnevartovsk region of KHMAO), Region-neft (Zolotarevskoye field in the Kirov region of Udmurtia), Transnafta-Tsentr (Kamenkovskiy field in Kazakhstan).
         In 2005 to increase of the efficiency of the major business trend, ZAO Trans Nafta started the formation of its own resource base. The first step in this direction was the acquisition of licenses for development of the Lobodinskoye and Dobprinskoye gas-condensate fields in the Volgograd region.
         Following its business plan, the Company is actively participating in auctions for the right to use natural resources, organized by the Federal Agency of natural resources of the MNR RF.
         As a result in 2006-2007 the Company acquired licenses for development of the Vostochno-Makarovskiy, Tcentralnoye, Moiseevskoye gas-condensate fields in the Volgograd region, Ozerny area in the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region, as well as licenses for geological research of the Eruslanskiy, Zadonskiy and Zavolzskiy areas in the Volgograd region.
         Due to its clear understanding of the problems facing the fuel and energy complex as a whole and gas market in particular and taking into account the capital capacity of the oil and gas sector, ZAO Trans Nafta is aiming at attracting greater investments. Currently intensive and productive negotiations are being carried out with major Russian and foreign banks, which are interested in project-tied crediting of oil and gas companies in Russia, such as Sberbank RF, Gazprombank, Gasenergoprombank, Probiznesbank. The company keeps its records in compliance with RAS and IFRS standards. The auditor of the Company is KPMG. The financial advisor is Gazprombank.




1997-2009 ZAO "Trans Nafta"

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